Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I thought life was normal. I think every single mom feels days of disconnection and distance from their children and life. It's hard enough raising a family when you are married. However, once life as a single mother came about, everything was different. This journey of self discovery and learning to raise children can be both amazing and devastating. When the realities of how complex our lives really are start to sink in, that's when it gets interesting.

While I love being a mother, it's hard to balance my needs with my children's. When those needs don't get fulfilled, mama's not happy. We all know what happens... NOBODY'S HAPPY!

Since this is a self discovery attempt, I thought I would share some of my life believing that others will be able to relate. Maybe it will help some find the way to heal from previous pain... Maybe it will be entertainment... Regardless, WELCOME TO MY LIFE! :)


  1. Love it! So glad you started this blog. I look forward to reading it :) LOVE YA!


  2. Glad you're writing! Please keep going!